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A Great Year.

This year has been a great one for all the team. Most importantly, we've managed to keep all of the motorcycles upright with the largest calamity being forgetting to raise the (now bent) jockey wheel on the trailer - an easy fix thanks to eBay!

It's taken our pilots all over the world with client such as TVMI, AMP and Awfully Nice, from Dubai in January, to China, Qatar, California, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Poland. Meanwhile at home, the fleet of BMWs has performed impeccably on all running, triathlon and cycling events.

It's been a busy end to the season, with the Great North, Great South, Great Scottish, Great Birmingham runs and a number of secret "tests" for some new events next year (!) all in the last month or so. Now though with this final tranche of events over, it's time to say a "thank you" to all those who have helped us to make it happen this year.

To Graham, Keith and Debbie at Awfully Nice. It's been a pleasure as always. We're happy to report that the "Bike of Truth", that was started way back in 1992 on the Milk Race, is still going strong! Also a big thank you to Alison, Paul, Matthew and everyone at Film Nova - a great team to work with. Hopefully we turned out some fabulous looking shots on the massively enjoyable, Great Run series, courtesy of the brilliant BMW C-Evolutions, not to mention ANVC's excellent camera ops!

Next, our pilots: fastidious workers, super talented riders and always steady as a rock, once a camera operator steps on board. Not one of the guys has put a foot wrong or been a minute late all season. To Richard, Gareth, Pete, Kevin, Chris, Pete, Bob and of course Rob who was such a sad loss to us all when he was taken so suddenly... a massive thank you.

Lastly, thanks to all those who have supported us: Mike, Tom and the rest of the tech guys at Timeline who have worked tirelessly with the bikes to make the RF work flawlessly throughout the season for excellent live broadcasts. To Chris and Gemma at RST Moto for their help with our pilot and camera ops' motorcycle clothing which looks great and has never let us down throughout the season.

And of course to all at BMW Motorrad. We can't say enough about how brilliant the bikes have been this year. They may be called the C-Evolution, but for television tracking production they have been nothing short of Revolution this year. And with no noisy smelly exhaust pipes I am sure that the countless world class athletes (and spectators) we have filmed this season will certainly agree!

So as the season draws to a close, we de-rig some of our fleet in readiness for a bigger better range of motorcycles and equipment for the new season. And, we have some more surprises to make the job and on bike filming even better next year (watch this space). Roll on 2017.

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