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You know, as TV motocycle crews, we've been very fortunate in being able to witness some amazing sporting achievements from the ring side seat that is our moto. Personally, I've soaked up the atmosphere from some of the best events on the planet - from mountain top finishes in the Vuelta and the Tour de France (and the Champs Elysee) to Mo Farah sprinting up the front in Gateshead on the Great North Run or as we turn onto The Mall in the London Marathon.

These events are nothing but a sea of noise as we struggle to hear the director through our headsets. The electric atmosphere makes my spine tingle and hairs raise on the back of my neck. It's amazing. All this though couldn't prepare us for the UK round of the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Leeds this month.

With the Brownlee brothers free of injury and hitting top form just prior to the event and with their hand in setting the course, the stage was set.

And what an event. The silent characteristics of the BMW C- Evolutions were wasted on this race! As we hit the Leeds City Centre streets for multi circuits tracking them as cyclists and then runners, even the loudest Harleys wouldn't have been heard over the sheer wall of sound from the massive crowd lining the course barriers - five deep in places.

Needless to say, the Brownlees didn't disappoint finishing first and second on the day. Neither did the C-Evos - managing to cover both the women's and men's full events and the run up to the start at Roundhay park with just 10 minutes of charge - a total distance of 118km. We always feel privileged to do this job but I cannot remember another event where the atmosphere has knocked me sideways in such a way!

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