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When in Rome...

By now we had a number of TV moto camera tracking jobs under our belts. In fact we'd been filming running, cycling and triathlon events since the very beginning of the year with pilots out shooting the Tour of Qatar, the Dubai Marathon and even the Wuxi Marathon just outside Shanghai.

On the home front too things had been ticking along nicely - we had the Cardiff and Brighton Half and Full Marathons completed using the electric and conventional bikes and we had a number of one-off single day jobs out of the way including Sport Relief, the Tour de Yorkshire and the Vitality Mile on the Mall in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.

However we still hadn't had the chance to ride the BMW C-Evolutions overseas. Well not until the IAFF World Speed Walking Championships in Rome anyway!

Needless to say the weather was fantastic and with the dramatic setting underneath the walls of the Coliseum, the staging of the event and atmosphere was outstanding. It was hard work though having to cover both the men's and women's races at all distances from the 10km Spint(!) to the gruelling 50km grand finale for both men and women.

The TV motos once again proved flawless. We are already noticing that the silent running and lack of emissions mean that the athletes are more comfortable running closer to them - making for better pictures. From a pilot perspective they are way more stable at slower speeds thanks to low slung weight and smaller wheels. Best of all is the "Sail" mode, which lets the bike freewheel. This combined with clutch-less operation makes for super smooth riding and noticeably better pictures. Where camera tracking and tv motos are concerned, BMW C-Evolutions are certainly proving to be the answer!

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