Four Wheel Drive Steadicam Tracking Quad

Motocam also operates a  Steadicam ready four wheel drive tracking quad buggy. This is perfect for use both on and off road / track where a super stable image is required in either sport, television or film.

The vehicle is available with both on and off road wheels for effective stable imaging up to around 50mph.  The included Steadicam frame can be used at either side of the vehicle and the quad is rigged with full communications for camera operator, buggy pilot and back to outside broadcast or director. On board power and provision for rigging for live with RF equipment.


Used extensively on live cross country running and mountain bike sporting events, tracking horse racing and also tracking for countryside dramas, soaps and film. Road registered.

The buggy is available as a standalone off road four wheel driver with pilot and is available for use with or without Steadicam mount.

We also offer the Steadicam buggy as a complete package with pilot, Steadicam operator, Steadicam rig and camera for live or recorded sporting events, dramas or film.

Steadicam tracking buggy
Steadicam offroad tracking
Tracking buggy camera offroad