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Electric Tracking Quad with Ronin 2, Stabilising Arm and Vibration Isolator

Motocam operates a silent running, zero emissions, electric, Steadicam ready, tracking quad buggy. This is perfect for use both on and off road / track where a super stable image is required in either sport, television or film.

This was recently used for the finish line camera on the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. It's fitted with a stabilsation arm, vibration isolator and Ronin 2 gimbal which, when working together, provide a flawless super smooth tracking picture. Unlike a Railcam, the quad has the ability to change the distance between it and the shooting subject. As such it provides a range of angles from wide-angle side profile to close up shooting up from the ground (or above). This is demonstrated in the video.

The set up allows remote operation of camera movement and remote control of focus, iris and zoom either from the back of the quad or from a remote location (e.g. an OB truck).

The results are rock steady shots equal to or better than a rail cam. The set-up will accommodate a payload of up to 20kg, suitable for all broadcast and film cameras and lenses.


We also offer wireless transmission from the camera for remote monitoring, recording or live broadcasts.

Gimbal or Steadicam

The vehicle is available with both on and off road wheels for effective stable imaging up to around 40mph.  Also available with a Steadicam frame that can be used at either side of the vehicle, the quad can be rigged with full communications for camera operator, buggy pilot and back to outside broadcast or director. The camera buggy also has on-board power and provision for rigging for live with RF equipment.


The quad is used extensively inside athletics stadia, on live cross country running, and mountain bike sporting events, tracking horse racing and also tracking for countryside dramas, soaps and film. Road registered.

It is available as a standalone on or off road electric buggy with pilot and is suitable for use with or without Steadicam mount.

We also offer the buggy as a complete package with pilot, Ronin or Steadicam operator, Ronin or Steadicam rig, camera and Canon HJ15 stabilised lens (also available for hire separately) for live or recorded sporting events, dramas or film.

Whether rigged with the Ronin 2 stabilisation equipment, with the Steadicam frame or with just a handheld operator (see Diamond League footage below), the electric quad buggy offers exceptional stability in close filming for sport, film and drama.

Steadicam tracking buggy
Steadicam offroad tracking

Electric Tracking Quad In Action - Diamond League, Birmingham

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