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Rigging the BMWs

It's been a bit of a hectic period over the last few weeks. In fact it's been pretty full on since the beginning of the year. The BMWs turned up in January. Then it was off to the workshop in order to turn them into full on television tracking motos. This involved fitting all the necessary camera operator stability options to create a stable and safe camera platform.

Next it was the communications equipment allowing for clear pilot to camera op communication and communication with both technical and director channels. This enables motorcycle crews to hear director instructions during live broadcasts, live commentator broadcast to enable the pilot to position the moto to the athelte who is being talked about and talk back from the bike to let the director know of off camera race developments.

Finally we needed auxiliary power to feed the RF gear to run the camera signal back from the motorcycle to the outside broadcast unit and out to air. For all bikes this is vital - though particularly the electric BMW C-Evolutions which rely totally on batteries to run. Here the large under seat storage areas were perfect to fit large 90Ah leisure batteries which provide enough power to run all comms, camera and Rf facilities for over 10 hours. Enough!

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